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Despite many, many reviews by many people, a book of this magnitude cannot unfortunately escape the occasional typo or misprint.  We're dedicated to perfection, and want to make sure that you're armed with all the correct information.  Below is a list of what has been found in current and previous editions.  If you find an error or typo in the book, please feel free to email us so that we can correct it in the future.

Corrections & Notes to the Current Edition

  • Page 109, Part number 996.606.125.00, 3rd line in the table, should start with 986 instead (986.606.125.00).
  • Page 132, the second-to-last paragraph. Should read "remove the fill plug from the bottom side of the transmission (the word "bottom" is missing).
  • Page 281, the part number listed for the cruise control cap (996-613-504-10-A05) appears to be for the one printed in German.  The English part number is 996-613-508-10-A05.
  • Page 202, the last sentence on the page is unclear as to the torque values used for the tie rods.  These are as follows:
    - Tie rod nut that mates into the wheel carrier and has a lock nut to hold the tie rod ball joint in place:  56 ft-lb (75 Nm).
    - Tie rod lock nut that holds the ball joint onto the tie rod itself: 37 ft-lb (50 Nm).
  • Page 81, "Replacing Belt Tensioners", the torque values listed for tightening the pulleys require additional clarity.  Tighten the pulleys to the following values:

    Upper Pulley:

      - 34 ft-lb (46 Nm) for the upper bolt if it's an M10x145 (8.8) bolt
      - 48 ft-lb (65 Nm) for the upper bolt if it's an M10x145 (10.9) bolt

    Lower Pulley:
      - The lower pulley bolt is tightened to 17 ft-lb (23 Nm) only
  • Page 161, Caption 11, at the bottom, it should read "Then crank them another 120 degrees as shown in the next photo"
  • Page 227, Caption 2, The part number for the right side spin lock is 986-563-714-03
  • Page 62, In the table at the top, the serial numbers for the 996 3.4L engines should be 14164 and 14165
  • Page 34, Caption 1: It has been reported to me that in some cases, the later-style connection hose is not needed.  There seems to be some variations on whether this newer-style hose fits on some cars or not.  More research is needed...
  • Page 288, Paragraph five - "passenger door" should be "driver's side door"
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