101 Projects for your Porsche 911 - Project List

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Project List:

Here is a table listing all 101 of the projects detailed in the book:

Carb Rebuild

Brake Line Replacement

Fuel Filter / Accumulator Repl

Carrera Chain Tensioner Install

Oxygen Sensors

Fuel Pump Replacement

Engine Drop

Heater System Repair

MSD Install

Jacking Up

Bleeding Porsche Brakes

Caliper Rebuild

Oil Change

Speedo Removal

Oil Return Tube Repl

Shifting Improvements

Odometer Repair


Turbo Valve Covers

Car Bras

Carrera Oil Cooler Install

Valve Adjustment

Camber Bar Install

Lowering your 911

Wiper Reversal

Heat Exchanger Repl

Motor/Transmission Mount Repl

901 1st Gear

Air Filter Repl

MFI Tune

Clutch Replacement

Roll Cage install

Hood Shocks

Lens Replacement

Parking Brake Shoe Adj

Turbo Tail Install

Sound Pad Installation

Turbo Look Conversion


TapEx Bolt Removal

Master Cylinder Replacement

912 Section

Fan Belt Replacement

Personal Touches

Stubborn Bolt Removal

Machine Shop 101

Ignition Switch Replacement

Early Sway Bar Install

Engine Rebuild

Leather Seat Recon

Solving Electrical Problems

Oil Level Replacement

Hood Crest Install

Glass Install

Pop Off Valve Installation

Bump Steer

Polishing Alloys

Alternator Replacement

Door Stay

Washing / Detailing your car

Fuel Tank Sender Replacement

Oil Temp Gauge Upgrade

Torsion Bars / Front & Rear

Oil Leak Fixes

Turbo Tie Rod Kit

Carbs Balance/tune

Engine Teardown

Door Handle Repl

Motronic Fuel Injection Tuning

H4 Headlamp Upgrade

Dash Pad Install

CIS Maintenance / Improvements

Clutch Cable Replacement

Stereo Install

Chin Spoiler

Clutch Helper Spring Replacement

Tie Rod End Repl

Sway Bar & Suspension Bushings / Mount

Camshaft Timing

Transmission Oil

Turn Signal Switch Repl

Lock Rekeying

Window Regulator Replacement

Sunroof Repair

Short Shift Kit Install

Ignition Tune Up

Clutch Adjustment

Pedal Cluster Rebuild

Setting the Timing

A/C Maintenance & Upgrade

Starter System Troubleshooting

Parking Brake Shoe Install

Tire/Wheel Sizing and Selection

Brake Pad Replacement

Shocks Install

Fixing Waterleaks / Door Seal Install

Brake Disc Replacement

Ball Joint Replacement

CV Joints / Axle

CAT Replacement

Glass Removal


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