How to Rebuild and Modify Your Porsche 911 Engine

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How to Rebuild and Modify

Your Porsche 911 Engine


Engine RebuildIn development for more than two years, Wayne's engine rebuild book details the trials of rebuilding the 911 engine.  Geared towards the novice rebuilder, this book takes aim at the notion that you need a PhD degree from the Porsche factory in order to rebuild a 911 engine.  This book aims to unlock never before published secrets only known in the 'inner circle' of Porsche engine rebuilders.
RebuildHaving your engine rebuilt by someone else?  This book will arm you with all the information that you need to ask your mechanic before you hire him to rebuild your precious 911 engine.  With this book in hand, you can easily pick out the experts from the pretenders - and save yourself thousands of dollars by securing yourself a quality engine rebuild.

RebuildThe book is 224 pages long, and will contain all the information that you need to complete the rebuild yourself.  In addition, there is a lengthy chapter on performance upgrades, ranging from the relatively easy task of regrinding your camshafts, all the way up to the installation of a computer-controlled engine management system.  The book is broken down into the following sections:

  • When to Rebuild?
  • Engine Teardown
  • Machine Shop Work / Reconditioning
  • Performance Upgrades
  • Engine Reassembly
  • Break-in Procedures
  • Engine Specifications & Tolerances
  • Parts Diagrams (1965-89)

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