How to Rebuild and Modify Your Porsche 911 Engine: Sample Projects

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Sample Pages

Here is a sneak-preview of some of the project pages contained in '101 Projects.'  The entire book is formated in an easy-to-read style, and all photos and illustrations are detailed in full-color!
Here's a complete list of all of the projects contained within the book:
Jacking Up
Oil Change
Air Filter / Pollen Filter Replacement
Fuel Filter Replacement
Replacing Belts
Washing Your Car
Time to Rebuild?
Replacing Spark Plugs
Replacing the Valve Cover Gasket
Machine Shop 101
Camshaft Removal
Intake Manifold Removal
Vanos Installation / Setting Cam Timing
Cam Sensor Replacement
Crankshaft Sensor Replacement
Tensioner Update / Installation
Head Gasket Replacement
Vanos Oil Line & Solenoid Replacement
Oil pan gasket replacement
E30 Timing Belt Replacement
Valve Adjustment
SuperCharger Install
Rod Bearings / Oil Pump Nut
Motor Mounts
Cold Air Intake / MAS upgrade
Fuel Injection
O2 Sensor Replacement
Reading Fuel Injection Fault Codes
Monitoring OBD-II Systems
Replacing Fuel Injectors
Fuel Pump Replacement
Installing a Performance Chip
Water Cooling
Coolant Replacement
Radiator & Hose Replacement
Water Pump & Thermostat Replacement
Transmission / Axle
Replacing your Automatic Transmission Fluid
Replacing Automatic Transmission Lines
Replacing Transmission Mounts
Replacing the Driveshaft Flex Disc / Guibo
Center Driveshaft Bearing Replacement
Replacing Shift Bushings
Installing a Short Shift Kit
Transmission Removal
Clutch Replacement
Replacing the Clutch Slave Cylinder
Differential / Manual Tranny Fluid Change
CV Joints / Boots / Axle
Muffler Replacement
Exhaust Manifold Replacement
Bleeding BMW Brakes
Replacing Brake Pads
Rebuilding Brake Calipers
Parking Brake Adjustment
Big Brake Kit Upgrade
Parking Brake Shoe Replacement
Brake Line Replacement
Brake Rotor Replacement
Front suspension Overhaul
Replacing Front Shocks & Springs
Replacing Rear Shocks & Springs
Rear Shock Mounts
Performance Suspen / Lowering
Camber Bar
Steering Wheel - Aftermarket
Lower M3 Support Bar
Body / Interior
Door Panels / Window Switches
Shift Knob
Hood Shocks
Window Regulator
Replacing Lenses / Blubs Clear corners
Rear Spoiler/Wing
Convertible Top Adjustment / Repair
Convertible Rear Window Replacement
M3 Mirrors
Replacing Emblems
Sunroof Repair
Sport Seats / Seat Removal
Seat Repair
Headlamp Switch Replacement
Solving Electrical Problems
Resetting the Airbag Warning Lamp
Starter Replacement
Starter Troubleshoot
Brake Switch Replacement
DME Swap / Repair
Radio Head Unit Installation
Alternator Repl
Odometer Repair / Gauge lamps
Colored Gauge Faces / chrome rings
Alarm System Install / Upgrade
HID Headlamp Kit Upgrade
Ellipsoid Headlamp Upgrade
CD Changer
Personal Touches
A/C Maintenance & Upgrade
Stubborn Bolt Removal
Using Car Bras
Wheels & Tires
Dyno Testing

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