How to Rebuild and Modify your Porsche 911 Engine: Corrections & Updates

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Recommended Rebuild
 and Machine Shops

As I mentioned in the book, you really get what you pay for when it comes to engine rebuilds.  Beware of the cheapo rebuild, and mechanics who will quote you bottom-basement prices for rebuilds.  Also be aware of your local mechanic who will quote you $10K for a rebuild he's never done before.  For that kind of money, you can afford to have your engine sent to a true expert.

Here is a list of recommended engine rebuilders and machine shops.  Although I have not dealt directly with all of them, they do come highly recommended, and stand behind their work.  Here's the list:

Tom Woodford at Factory Tour

Tom was the technical editor for "How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines."  He works out of Escondido, CA, and typically is very picky about which engine jobs he takes on.  He typically will only accept jobs where he can remove/rebuild/reinstall/run-in and test the engine inside of the car.  1-760-731-7535

Walt Watson at Competition Engineering

Walt was featured in the book, in Chapter 3 - Machine Shop.  His shop, Competition Engineering is one of the best machine shops around, although there is often a lengthy wait to have work completed.  Walt does complete machine shop services as well as engine assembly. 1-760-379-3879

Steve Weiner at Rennsport Systems

Steve is very well known in Porsche circles, and has a very high reputation amongst engine rebuilders.  Rennsport Systems is a complete shop that does everything from race prep to engine rebuilding.  They do all of their own machine shop work on site. 1-503-244-0990

Jerry Woods at Jerry Woods Enterprises

Jerry Woods is known for working on exotic Porsches liek the 908s, but his full-service shop also rebuilds high performance 911s as well. 1-408-369-9607

Tony Callas at Callas Rennsport

Callas Rennsport is a Los Angeles local shop with an outstanding reputation for all work on Porsches and BMWs.  Tony himself has been a member of the pit crew on several Porsche LeMans teams. 310-370-7038

Alex Wong at Precision Tech Motorsports

Precision Tech Motorsports is a Los Angeles local full service Porsche Shop that does excellent work and is reasonably priced.  310-822-4566.

Bill & Dick at Engine Machine Service (EMS)

Bill & Dick have a stellar reputation and have been featured on the cover of VW Trends magazine in recent years for their performance engine rebuilding.  They are a full-service machine shop with assembly.  310-641-7019

John Walker's Workshop

Well known on the Pelican Parts Bulletin Boards, John Walker is an expert in engine assembly, and all things 911.  His Seattle shop specializes only in working on Porsche 911s, and has earned a great reputation for both quality work and good customer service.  206-789-6800


Although I have not personally dealt with Andial, I have many customers who have and have been very satisfied with their work.  They are well known for performance engine rebuilding and race prep. 1-714-957-3900


Although I have not dealt directly with Ollie's, their reputation as a top-notch machine shop is well known.  1-714-558-7334

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