101 Projects for your Porsche 911: Tech Quiz

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Tech Quiz

This is a quiz that we developed as a promotion for the book when it was first released.  The highest scorer on the quiz was David Griswold, who scored an 18/20, and won a $50 Gift Certificate from Pelican Parts.

Here is the quiz, and a link to the answers is on the next page.

1. How many fasteners hold in the front dash pad on a 1973 911? Please answer with the total number of plastic snaps, and the total number of embedded studs.

2. On a Mechanical Fuel Injection pump, which direction do you turn the low-rpm or idle mixture adjustment screw to richen up the mixture?

3. What is the part number of the aftermarket points that fit the older Marelli distributors?

4. In what year, did Porsche use a 340 F degree oil temperature gauge module in the dashboard?

5. From 1965-89, how many different production 'tails' were implemented, and what were their commonly-referred to names?

6. Old-style sunroof cables are no longer available. What modifications must be done to the newer 964 cables in order to install them in an 911SC?

7. How many bushings are replaced when upgrading to the bronze pedal bushing kit (non-power brake 911)?

8. What is the best way to fix rocker arm oil leaks? What is the part number that is used in this fix?

9. Which one is the brown chain ramp?

10. Why do you need to place the engine at Top Dead Center (TDC) for cylinder #1 when installing the Carrera Chain Tensioner kit?

11. What is Porsche tool 9191, and what is it used for?

12. How many shims total should you have on your fan pulley?

13. How can you usually tell the difference between a Factory Turbo Look, and a conversion?

14. What popular "office supplies" product is invaluable for installing your headliner? (not glue)

15. What is the difference between the original rear spring-plate bushings, and the replacement ones?

16. On the rear trailing arm of the 911SC, what are the four adjustment nuts used for? (also specify their location from back to front)

17. Besides the engine, list 5 specific differences between the early 912s and the 911.

18. What tool should you always use to disconnect hard brake lines from the car?

19. 'Y' tires are rated for what maximum speed?

20. What issue of Consumer Reports did an indepth overview of motor oils and how they affect your car's performane?


Think you know it?  Check out the quiz answers.

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